Riftsoft’s core values are based on building software that is inspired by industry to help industry work better

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Values and Vision
Our Mission
Core Competencies
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Riftsoft is a product wholly owned by MCSPRO, a global company specializing in asset management products and services. Riftsoft is designed to greatly improve productivity by automating asset management and document control. We help companies to operate more efficiently and stay compliant in an increasingly challenging environment.

We develop software using ISO 9001:2015 compliance standards for industries sectors such as oil and gas, mining, energy production, manufacturing, and logistics to help them deliver process efficiencies and to become industry leaders.

We understand first-hand the challenges faced by these sectors and have built software that tackles these specific problems. Using our software will help you achieve greater efficiencies, cost savings and compliance to QMS standards.

We developed the Riftsoft platform for asset and process intensive industries including oil and gas, mining, energy production, manufacturing and logistics to deliver process efficiencies for their operations. We understand first-hand the challenges faced by these industries and have built best-in-class cloud software to help them prosper.


Customers are our life blood, everything we develop must provide benefits, so we go to extraordinary lengths to consult with them.

We continually look at new ways of streamline for efficiency, modernise technology and services and improve connectivity.

Remaining agile allows our customers to benefit from our capabilities and spend less time focusing on the technology, and more time using it to become industry leaders.

Our Mission

Riftsoft is committed to being the first choice for industry to turn to for software that helps them be more efficient in what they do. We achieve this by offering:

  • Software that address industry challenges.
  • Deep levels of integration and connectivity.
  • Software as a service (SaaS) from the cloud.
  • Access to our capabilities immediately with minimal training.
  • Tangible value for money with rapid R.O.I.
  • High levels of professionalism at every stage.

Core Competencies

Riftsoft not only excels in delivering cloud software but also provides that personal touch and can offer completely bespoke solutions and expertise in several technical areas:

  • Custom Cloud Development
  • Custom SAP Development
  • Project Management
  • System Architecture
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • SAP S/4 HANA
  • SAP ABAP & Eclipse
  • Data Migration, LSMW, LTMC
  • React, JavaScript, HTML, CSS
  • Azure App Services
  • SAP ECC 5 & 6
  • ASP.NET Core
  • Oracle & Maximo
  • Custom App Development