Asset Management Apps for a Modern Workforce

The Simplest way to enter asset management data into SAP, intuitive apps built to work with SAP, designed to work for you.

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Easy to Use
Accessible Anywhere
Customizable to Your Needs

Empowering Your Workforce,

Protecting Your Portfolio

Isn't it time you had a way for your workforce to securely enter information into SAP with a solution they actually want to use.

No more complex third party SAP integrations that lose your information or malfunction.
No more complicated apps with confusing screens and unnecessary fields to fill in.
No additional SAP licences for employees just performing tasks in the app.
Rift Mobile Screens

Enter Data

In The Field

Collect data in real time. Antime. Anywhere. For the whole workforced to see.

Assign assets and measurement points from SAP directly into the app in real time. Enter the information in the field for greater accuracy and immediate insight.

Information gets uploaded to SAP right away. If you are offline, seamless synchronisation ensures everything gets updated as soon as connectivity is restored.

Quickly gain insights into asset health and maintenance strategies and optimize plans and schedules in real time.

No Training


We've removed the excuses for entering data into SAP.

Our apps are built with simple to navigate screens, seamlessly integrated into your SAP system using SAP technology. They have everything you need and nothing you dont.

Fast to download from the app store. Painless to use.

Rift Mobile Screens

Mobile Inspections and Work Orders

  • Create sophisticated content for complex assets. Quickly build complex inspection and startup checklist questions and deploy to your workforce.
  • Enhance inspections with unique criteria, Define conditions and tolerances that trigger follow on actions, raising notifications, shutdowns and alerts to other team members.
  • Build routes based on mapped locations, Streamline inspection routes by planning tasks according to asset location and type.
  • Send work to your team anywhere, anytime, Build and assign inspections instantly or as scheduled jobs directly to your workforce.
  • Gain insights into asset health and performance, Captured additional information in the app to provide deeper insight into asset behaviour which helps to continuously improve your maintenance strategy.
  • Apps that anyone can use, with or without their own SAP account, All field technicians can take readings and generate measurement documents and notifications. These are instantly created in SAP, even without SAP accounts.

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Simple on the Surface

Powerful Behind the Scenes

These are no ordinary apps. They are built on the latest SAP technology platform.

This means security you can trust and no custom programming or code required at your site.

Your SAP master data + our easy-to-use app platform = the tool every maintenance manager is looking for.

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Rift Mobile Screens

Welcome to the Modern Era of Asset Management

  • The ability to attach photos, images and videos from your phone directly to SAP documents.
  • Works offline and then syncs when connected to the internet.
  • A low cost of ownership with a PAYG subscription purchased direcly from the SAP store.
  • Nothing to install at your site.
  • Accessible on your phone, tablet or computer.
  • Uses the built-in tools on your phone - like GPS, a barometer, gyroscope, magnetometer and accelerometer.

'Apps So Simple'

Jump right in and get started today.


Create a customer account with Riftsoft

The customized dashboard shows all of your apps. This is where you will add the neccessary users. We will make sure you're connected to the SAP cloud connector and set up all the permission on our end.


Find the Solution That Fits Your Needs

Employees will choose their preferred app store and search for the name of the app they want. Once the user is activated in your Riftsoft account, they download the app to their phone and its ready to use.


Watch Your Productivity Climb and Expenses Shrink

Your team can now provide speedy and comprehensive updates to SAP from the palm of their hands.

Everyone Stays Informed

Everything is Kept Moving

Stop letting the technology be a barrier for your team. Make it work for you.

Enter information with just a few clicks and share it accross the enterprise. Everyone stays informed. Everything keeps moving.

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Custom Apps

Do you have information you need to enter regularly into SAP?

We create apps customized to your every situation.

Need to connect an Adobe form to SAP? Want to use AI? Need GPS interactions? We've got you covered, get in touch today.

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