A new cloud approach to document generation and mass change.

  • Are you looking for a cloud-based document design and authoring solution that’s easy to use and feature rich?
  • Do you want to create PDF user guides, work instructions, safety critical work procedures, knowledge bases, policy manuals, materials parts catalogues, maintenance manuals, legal documents and more?
  • RIFT Create is the solution for your business…..

Have you ever considered the amount of time taken to produce the same document many times over but each with only a small text adjustment? What if you need to change the header or footer text across thousands of documents because of a legal requirement? Re-branding or moving to a new office location, these all have implications on the documentation you produce, and the work involved to adjust them is immense.

  • RIFT Create is cloud-based and available on any web browser on any device.
  • Cast iron encryption and cyber-security built in.
  • Document templates are rapidly designed using RIFT editors and distributed to authors for approval.
  • Authors mass generate documents within minutes.
  • Changes to existing document data is quick and performed individually or in bulk.
  • Deep two-way integration to SAP and other ERP and CMMS and direct access to content servers such as SAP DMS, Documentum, OpenText and SharePoint.

Paper based or electronic, documentation is key to every company’s success. Whether it is sent to customers, suppliers or used internally for process governance, all companies depend on its accuracy.

Creating and sustaining document templates that keep up with corporate change is a challenging and time-consuming job. Combine this with the fact that document content is forever changing, it soon becomes apparent that what is correct today becomes obsolete tomorrow and the whole process needs to be repeated time and time again for hundreds if not thousands of documents.

This has a huge impact on a company’s bottom line and its ability to adapt to change.

Maintaining precise and up to date documents is a constant struggle and is a key contender for process improvement, increased workforce productivity and cost reduction. There are solutions that promise to make this process a whole lot easier but, they generally fall short of delivering the results promised.

RIFT Create is unique, it delivers on its promise to dramatically reduce the complexity and time needed to design and modify document templates and the data contained within them.

RIFT Create has been developed from the ground up in conjunction with industries in key market segments such as mining and extraction, manufacturing and legal ensuring the solutions we offer tick all the right boxes.

All Riftsoft solutions are cloud delivered, RIFT Create being no exception. It can be accessed from any web browser on any device with absolutely nothing to install. By using our cloud infrastructure, you don’t have to spend huge amounts of money on purchasing and maintaining equipment. You also benefit from our advanced security features that guarantee that data is securely stored and handled. Storing your data in our cloud infrastructure also guarantees that data is always available on-the-go 24/7, even when equipment like laptops, PCs, smartphones, tablets, is damaged it remains accessible for any device with an internet connection.

The RIFT CREATE advantage

100% Cloud-based access from any web browser on any device 24/7.
  • Simple pay as you go cost structure with three levels of access; administrator, designer and author
  • Never any individual user licensing, your company concentrates on document design and creation and leverages the skills of all your employees to stay in control of costs
  • Administrators have full control of site construction, user creation and access rights
A unique fully responsive cloud-based split screen design studio platform with real time editor functions and database update.
Designers have access to the intuitive and easy to use web-based “What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get” (WYSIWYG) and HTML design portal for document template creation. No need to learn new skills to design professional looking corporate forms with embedded standards.
  • Repetitive procedural work instructions are built quickly and effortlessly via a steps process, a solution created specifically for mining and manufacturing environments but utilised by many others.
  • Logo’s and pictures added directly at time of template creation are stored company wide for re-use at a later time. Each image can also be marked up with annotations and adjustments to aid in visual instruction.
  • Centrally stored and maintained text, table and image data that can be plugged into multiple templates rapidly or changed centrally to have a global impact.
  • CSS are easily added that moulds a corporate standard and identity across all documents generated by RIFT Create and ensures speed, ease of use, and consistency.
  • A single company can be split into many different sites where there are distinct types of business operation.
  • Each site can be broken down into different document types to cater for each area of work within a site.
  • A document type can have multiple document templates created to reflect the level of complexity required in the final document generation.
  • Dynamic generation of lookup data with fixed lists and images which are held centrally against a site.
  • Authors approve and input the document data either as a single document or in bulk taking advantage of import to RIFT Create using previously created external data.
  • Deep dive search and replace for global update of all generated documents.
  • PDF documents are generated at Site or Document Type level from the data entered and can be downloaded to client or external source.
  • RIFT Connect can be used to complete the document lifecycle to many of the major content servers including Documentum, OpenText and SharePoint. Other content servers are quickly accommodated where API’s permit access.
  • RIFT Connect for SAP enhances further the deep integration to external systems by connection RIFT Create directly to your SAP DMS. DIR records can be created, and the RIFT Create PDF posted to SAP and its associated content server in a real-time two-way SAP certified interface.

What types of documents can be created by RIFT Create?

  • SOP (Standard Operating Procedures)
  • Work Instructions
  • Safety Critical Operations Manuals
  • Training manuals
  • Material and Parts Lists
  • Catalogues
  • Corporate Governance
  • User Guides
  • Support Documentation
  • And many more…

Try us today and let us help you to streamline your companies document design and creation process with the RIFT Create advantages.

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